May 28, 6 pm: Governor Whitman to Address Montclair Republican Club

Whitman Blue

The Honorable Christine Todd Whitman, New Jersey’s Fiftieth Governor (photo: Politico)

The defining feature of the conservative viewpoint is a faith in the ability, and a respect for the right, of individuals to make their own decisions – economic, social, and spiritual – about their lives. The true conservative understands that government’s track record in respecting individual rights is poor when it dictates individual choices.

Has any other New Jersey woman ‘leaned in’ to politics & leadership more than Christine Todd Whitman? Two-term governor, U.S. EPA Administrator, author, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother & consultant…join the Montclair Republican Club for a warm welcome to Governor Whitman at the club’s May 28 dinner meeting (6 pm, J & K Steakhouse, Montclair Center’s newest downtown restaurant, 44 South Park Street, $40/pp). Fill out the contact form below for more information. What would you like to hear Mrs. Whitman speak about?


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