A Message from Montclair Republican Club President John Van Wagner

montclair map with heart smallI’ve never been prouder to be a Montclair Republican.  

Yesterday’s vote was a special election indeed, one based on ideas and principles rather than rhetoric.   One unique individual had the courage and conviction to make the case for individuals throughout our State.  Individuals struggling to grow businesses, to educate their children, to keep their families safe, healthy and hopeful–these were the citizens Steve Lonegan championed in this race.   For that, we’re supremely grateful to him, and look forward to his continued voice and service in public life. 
But one man can’t do it all.   Those of us in Montclair who cleave to libertarian, free market principles, even against the consistent tide, have shown that we’re determined to be part of the solutions we crave.   During this campaign we called, we knocked, we displayed, and we spoke with increasing unity of our hopes not just for Steve’s candidacy, but for a future society unencumbered by a venal and self-interested federal government.   And the results, with the ever-improving poll numbers right up until yesterday, bore witness to our effort, and our hope for a different future. 
Thanks to everyone, of course and especially Steve Lonegan.  And now on to a resounding victory for Governor Chris Christie.   
John Van Wagner, President 
Montclair Republican Club

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