Honoring our Warriors on Veterans Day: Monday, Nov 11, 11 am, Edgemont Memorial Park

Veteran's DayMontclair will honor its veterans at 11 am on Monday, November 11, at Edgemont Memorial Park (or at the Municipal Building, in case of inclement weather). Led by Mayor Jackson, the invocation & benediction will be offered by Rev. Paul Leggett of Grace Presbyterian Church. Dr. Leggett’s dissertation from Union Seminary, “Against the Swastika,” dealt with Nazi film propaganda and the Confessing Church movement. Where & what would our nation be, if not for the bravery, commitment and honor of our U.S. military veterans? More information on the ceremony is here: http://www.montclairnjusa.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4519:veterans-day-service-2013&catid=91:special-events&Itemid=276B

Because local schools are in session on Veterans Day, bring your family to see the Park’s memorial obelisk at another time that day or during the week.  Edgemont Memorial Park has long been the traditional site of Montclair’s patriotic celebrations. A committee for park construction in 1906 decided to purchase the land for the park with a $100,000 bond issue, following a town referendum. The effort to buy the land was led by Montclair Republican William B. Dickson, who backed a quarter of the bonds issued. The land which comprised the park was originally a golf course.

The most prominent feature of the park is the pond and the small island with the World War I memorial on it, a landmark of Montclair. The main memorial, created in 1924 by Charles Keck, is a tall obelisk with bronze sculptures of Winged Victory on top and the Billy Boys on the bottom. On the sides of the obelisk are etched the names of those who fell in the First World War, to whom the monument is dedicated. In front of the memorial there are small plaques that have the names of those who died in the Vietnam War and Korean War and World War II.[3]

Edgemont Memorial Park: worth a trip on Veterans Day, or any day.



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