Vietnam War Veteran & Montclair Resident Gene Gitelson to Speak At November 12 Club Meeting

Few of us will ever experience first-hand the trials and sacrifices of service in the US Armed forces.  We know that  each day, every day, Gene Gitelsondedicated men and women put their lives at risk for the freedoms we cherish, and for that, we’re deeply grateful.   But without living it, none of us can comprehend with any real perspective the dimensions of their contribution, and the traumas, both physical and psychic, that they endure for us without complaint, and all too often, without recognition.

To help us gain real insight into the Veteran’s experience in the United States, we’re privileged to welcome Eugene Gitelson to our meeting on Tuesday, November 12.   Eugene served in the US Army during Vietnam, and during his time there, pledged his future to helping returning veterans re-adjust to civilian life both after that conflict and those that have come since.   His work has led him to the conclusion that the most effective, compassionate channels to guide returning veterans back to fulfilling civilian life spring from private sector initiatives, rather than depersonalized and often inadequate federal government programs.  He’ll discuss both his personal experiences during the Vietnam War, as well as provide keen insights into the very different challenges involved for veterans returning from war theaters in the Middle East.

Please join us for a unique journey with a remarkable man, who will change the way you think about how we, not just as Republicans, but as Americans, can repay our debt to those who’ve sacrificed their own lives for ours.

Gene served in the US Army from 1965-67 as a 1st Lieutenant and spent a year as a Combat Infantry Officer, leading a platoon in Vietnam. He owns a career consulting firm, Career Breakthroughs, and was the Founder & President of the Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program, a public-private partnership initiated by President Reagan.

The Montclair Republican Club is pleased to hold this meeting in the private room at a special new venue, Trend, 411 Bloomfield Avenue (between North Fullerton & Willow); parking available in the Glenridge Avenue lot; enter Trend from their back  or front door. $23 per person includes dinner by Church Street Catering and beverages, as usual. Join in at 7 pm  on Tuesday, Nov. 12 – RSVP to


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