Montclair Republican Club Membership: Join or Renew



Did you know there are three thousand registered Republicans in Montclair? If you are one of them, or if you’re an Independent or Democrat who’s come to the conclusion that taxation, bureaucratic inefficiency, and entitlement spending have reached critical, unsustainable levels, you are not alone in our town.

The Montclair Republican Club meets bi-monthly at a sociable dinner meeting, hosting eminent speakers from state and local government, lobbying groups, and think tanks that incubate conservative  libertarian ideas and initiatives for your inspiration, education and ability to act.

The club’s recent speaker schedule included:

  • The Honorable Christine Todd Whitman, two-term Governor of New Jersey
  • United States Senate Candidate Steve Lonegan, who spoke on the New Jersey judiciary in his presentation “Courts Gone Wild’ and addressed our club several times during his candidacy
  • Veterans’ activist Gene Gitelson
  • NYU College Republicans past president Andrea Catsimatidis and her husband, Christopher Cox
  • Greg Menken, Director, Republican Jewish Coalition, New York/North Jersey Chapter
  • Tom Reynolds, President, Montclair Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
  • Walter Luers, Esq., President of the New Jersey Foundation for Open Government and a Trustee of the New Jersey Taxpayers Association. For his work on the Open Public Records Act, Walter was recognized as one of ten “Lawyers of the Year” by the New Jersey Law Journal in 2010.
  • Speakers on the failures of federal public education policy nationally & locally, and the Tea Party movement

Questions? Reach us at Find (and LIKE) us on Facebook and at

Ready to join or renew? Print out & return the form below with your dues. We welcome any additional contribution to support the activities of the Club. Welcome to the Montclair Republican Club!

John Van Wagner, President ;  Gene Byrne, Vice President; Maureen Edelson, Secretary

Annual dues: $25 per person, $40 per couple. Make your check payable to: Montclair Republican Club and send to club President John Van Wagner, 12 Marquette Road, Upper Montclair, New Jersey  07043.

Name 1______________________________  Name 2____________________________________


Email 1:______________________________  Email 2____________________________________

Phone 1:______________________________ Phone 2:___________________________________

Dues: $_____                                    Additional donation: $_____                                                      Total enclosed : $_____

Thank you! Your membership and support will foster a diversity of discourse and deliberation in Montclair. If you have a particular interest in conservative issues, or would like to volunteer, contact President John Van Wagner at


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