Montclair Republican Club Hosts Second Amendment Speaker on February 26, 7 pm, Tierney’s

Free-Marketers, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Conservationists, Hunters, Shooting Sportsmen/Women, Older Boy Scouts and Conservatives of All StripesRifles Welcome

Do you value privacy, liberty, and stewardship of resources? The Montclair Republican Club will be holding a traditional LINCOLN-REAGAN-ROOSEVELT Dinner on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 7 pm, Upstairs at Tierney’s, 138 Valley Road, Montclair, New Jersey, $25/pp.

The evening’s guest speaker is Scott Bach, Esq., Executive Director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC). Bach brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject of firearms, including historic gun control efforts and their aftermath, and the complex legislative issues in New Jersey and nation-wide. He, with the ANJRPC, was party to an important Montclair First Amendment case on gun safety education. More fascinating commentary from Bach is in our October 2013 post:

If you believe in personal liberty, economic liberty, wild life liberty, and the careful stewardship of our most precious resources, the Montclair Republican Club invites you to join in this sociable dinner meeting and meet like-minded individuals from in and around Montclair, New Jersey…a unique and beautiful suburb with a long Republican & conservation history.

Republican Club “Lincoln Day” dinners are held throughout the United States around the time of Lincoln’s birthday, honoring the sixteenth President of the United States in the rise of the Republican Party. The expanded concept of the Montclair Republican Club Dinner this month is to highlight other Republican presidential icons of liberty, Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt, and to expand the club’s engagement with other conservatives. The menu theme is ‘Field and Stream,’ to be prepared by Church Street Caterers.

To join in the Montclair Republican Club’s upcoming dinner meeting on February 26 at Tierney’s ($25pp, cash bar), RSVP to by Monday, February 24.


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