Freedom – Light – Promise


Freedom Tower

The Montclair Republican Club thanks Barry Inglett for the use of his photo of the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center). Barry captured the image from his plane as he flew north along the Hudson River.

John Van Wagner, President

Montclair Republican Club

December 2014

Dear Friend & Neighbor,

Shedding light.  That’s one of the many blessings the holiday season bestows on our community.  At the darkest time of year, the streets, the homes, the businesses, the churches & temples, the public buildings, all come alive with color and illumination, showing the way to a New Year filled with new possibilities.

We in the Montclair Republican Club strive to shed light throughout the year, to invite our citizens to learn and teach about the vital issues that impact our daily lives.

In 2014, we welcomed distinguished speakers to enlighten us about our precious rights as citizens.  From immigration, the state budget, the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and the Common Core standards, to home-grown terrorism, our meetings this year helped us define and assert the gift we’ve received from our forefathers–a society based on the rights of the individual.  There’s little more important in any of our lives than exercising those rights under the bright light of freedom.

For next year, we’ve invited an array of distinguished speakers, including a top-level cabinet member, an eminent publisher, and major players in the crucial struggle for educational opportunity in the nation.  We hope you will join with us in 2015 for another journey of growth, exploration and learning. Click here for more information.

A very blessed holiday to you from the Montclair Republican Club leadership.  Thank you for keeping our voice loud and clear, and for the light you shed on our way forward.

Yours truly,

John Van Wagner


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  1. William Anderson | Reply

    Our party must come back to the constitution.king george is gone king obama is here. This to big.and to deep in our lives

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