March With Montclair’s Leading Voice for Liberty

Dear Montclair Republicans & Friends,4th-of-July-Children-at-a-Parade1

A refrain I often hear from our membership, and from its sympathizers, is that we’re invisible in our town.  Our Club’s ideas on the primacy of the individual, our deep commitment to limited government, and the growth-oriented economic polices we embrace are often not only ignored, but not tolerated, in the eyes of many.  

Last year, I called for us to get visible in town by marching in Montclair’s Independence Day parade. Since then, our club secretary, Maureen Edelson, ‘A Mom for Montclair,’ furthered that visibility with her recent, unabashedly conservative & free-market campaign for Third Ward Councilor.  

Come out in 2016 to march in the annual parade, to remind our fellow citizens of the gifts of political and economic choice handed down to us by the founding fathers.  Isn’t that what the 4th of July is all about?

Come one, come all.   Bring friends who might want to get involved.  Be bold in your commitment to the revolutionary spirit of freedom and self-determination. 

Please  email if you’d like to march.   Stand up and be counted! 

John Van Wagner, President


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