Trump vs. Clinton, 2016

And the gates came crashing down. 

As Republicans we’ve held disparate, and often divisive, views of our President-Elect.   But we can, I hope, agree that last night’s stunning victory has restored the power of the American people, against all possible odds, and has destroyed the notion that faceless, soulless political machines rule our lives.  
Much has been and will be written about the night of Tuesday, 11/8, 2016.  On the morning after, it likely still seems unreal to many of us.   But while we process these events, let’s take one lesson from them, as Montclarians:   the impossible became reality for our country.   The ruling class rules no more.   As it happened for the nation, so it can for Montclair.   It’s up to us.
Savor the victory!   And then let’s continue to work together to bring power back to the people right here where we live.  
John Van Wagner, Montclair Republican Club President
montclair map with heart small

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