The Road Ahead: Leadership Messages from Straten & Van Wagner

To Montclair Republicans,


Roland Straten

2016 was certainly a momentous year for Republicans, who now control both houses of Congress and a majority of state governorships and legislatures, in addition to the U.S. Presidency. We have an unprecedented opportunity to move America in the direction that we want it to go, and ‘Make America Great Again.’

This confluence of events presents not only an opportunity, but a duty for all Republicans and reasonably-minded citizens of Montclair. I suggest that we continue to come out of the closet. So many people with whom I’ve spoken agree with our principles of limited government, economic opportunity, and personal liberty/responsibility.

Come to Republican Club meetings and events, and join the Club. Become a Republican Committee member. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

Tell people that Montclair was made into such a wonderful town by Republicans. Tell them that overreaching government regulation and mandates cripple our economy. Tell them that our current immigration policies, tax policies, welfare policies, education policies, environmental policies and bail-out-Wall-Street policies hurt the poor and middle class rather than help them.

For more information on what Republicans can do in Montclair, email

Happy New Year…and let’s get to work!

Roland Straten, Chairman, Montclair Republican Town Committee

A Message from Montclair Republican Club President John Van Wagner:

It Was A Year to Remember


John Van Wagner

Although 2016 was a year of multiple surprises and many blessings, my thoughts are firmly in the future. There are so many opportunities before us in the coming year as conservatives, and the Montclair Republican Club has a crucial role to play in our community as the nation undergoes a radical transformation.

We’ve always been a ‘safe space’ for those in our town who’ve felt silenced. But now that a shift in power has taken hold nation-wide, we, too, can throw off Progressivism at the county and local levels.

After the recent election, local Democratic Freeholder Brendan Gill pledged to work with his colleagues in Newark and Trenton to ‘protect’ our community from the ‘incursion’ of lighter, saner taxation, regulatory relief, and judicial restraint. This year, let’s show him that we consider that ‘protection’ to be tyranny, and that we won’t allow a county political machine to dictate who governs us and how.

As has been for the past fifty years, this is an uphill battle. But the events of this year must embolden us to speak out, to talk to neighbors, to bring new members into the fold who will help us to accelerate the process of the change we so desperately need. It’s not easy, but this time the country is behind us.

Let’s have the most energized and hopeful New Year the Montclair Republicans have had in a long, long time.

Thanks for your support and dedication. Happy New Year.

Very truly yours,

John Van Wagner


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