Conservatives Come Together

Whether riding new waves or being old school, Montclair Republicans, conservatives, libertarians & independents are finding enjoyable ways to connect and communicate.

The 100+ year-old Montclair Republican Club believes in and maintains its century-old focus on sociable gatherings and presentations. Upcoming is a hospitable meet-and-greet on the evening of Primary Day, Tuesday, June 6, 7 pm for local Republicans, conservatives and conservative independents (and those who are transitioning from liberal to conservative) who would enjoy connecting with like-minded people at a special Montclair location (to be announced). Email to attend, with ‘June 6’ in the subject line. The success of last month’s Club luncheon featuring possible gubernatorial candidate Joe Piscopo proves the case that breaking bread together is still a favored form of bonding for conservatives and their guests. Remember to vote on June 6.


Digital media links individuals and organizations around the block and around the globe, almost effortlessly. In addition to the Montclair Republican Club’s Facebook page, similar hubs include the new discussion groups ‘Montclair Right-of-Center‘ (‘MRoC’) and ‘Montclair’s Other Watercooler,’ the latter for registered Montclair Republicans only. MRoC’s tagline is on the mark: ‘you are NOT alone!’ If you’re right of the political center, consider joining and ‘liking’ these groups and pages, especially if you DO feel ‘alone’ in your worldview as a Montclair resident.


Did you know Montclair has more than 9,000 independent voters, in addition to 13,000 Democrats and 2,500 Republicans?  No wonder the town has had the reputation of featuring 38,000 opinions: it is more diverse than suggested in chatrooms that focus on ‘progressive’ politics and ‘Montclair values.’

A new place for independents to gather is the Montclair Independents Facebook page, and it is yet to be seen if the town’s new weekly print and web publication, The Montclair Local, shows partisan stripes or merely reports on the town’s very vocal, active majority and thus appears to be left-leaning.

Mr. Piscopo and other conservative radio hosts are featured on 970 AM The Answer, while even Montclair’s mayor, Robert Jackson, listens to Mark Levin of 770 AM.  There are ample opportunities 24 / 7 to gather ’round the radio for centrist and conservative fireside chats.

A unique media product in New Jersey, the SAVE JERSEY blog appears to be the only conservative state-wide media outlet. Produced by South Jersey attorney Matt Rooney, Save Jersey is growing. [Addendum: a reader has mentioned new conservative media outlet, similar to the Drudge Report: Jersey Report]

Fifteen years ago, then-USA Today reporter Jill Lawrence created a ‘red vs. blue’ profile series featuring Montclair as a ‘liberal community’ profiled against Franklin, Tennessee as a ‘conservative community.’ Her fascinating multi-part series was proposed and researched just after the George Bush inauguration in 2001, and was interrupted by the events of 9/11. It ran in Gannett’s flagship national publication fifteen years ago, in February of 2002. Annotated syntheses for collegiate use are HERE, HERE and HERE ; click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE to read the original stories. Real-time Free Republic comments on the series are HERE.

From where do you get your news and information? What is your viewpoint or perspective? How do you form your opinions? How have journalism, information flow and politics changed in Montclair since Ms. Lawrence’s feature of 2002? Let us know at




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