Disrupt NJ: Meet Nick [in]Surgent, Assembly Candidate in 34th AD (Montclair, Clifton, Orange, East Orange)

Come and Meet the Neighbors!  

The Montclair Republican Club and the Clifton Republican Club cordially invite all of their members, as well as friends and supporters, to our first joint meeting on Thursday, May 18  at 7:00 p.m. at the Bloomfield Town Pub.  It’s about time. 

For decades, now, Assembly elections in Essex County, so crucial to fiscal direction of our state, have come and gone under the radar. Every two years the public sector unions back entrenched incumbents who serve the interests of the progressive political class in Trenton. The result of these elections is never in doubt. 

It’s time for that to change.   This year, in honor of our first effort at District-wide club cooperation, we’ll be joined by Nick Surgent, a bold young Republican candidate for Assembly in District 34 (Montclair, Clifton, Orange and East Orange).   Please come, and get a glimpse into a brighter future for our respective communities, our State and our nation.

There’s no admission charge for this meeting.   You’re welcome to enjoy the hearty menu at the Town Pub, or just hoist a brew. Come and bring friends, and ideas about how disruptive  we inSURGENTS can be. RSVP to montclairrepublicans@gmail.com with ‘inSURGENT’ in the subject line.

About Nick SurgeNick Surgent Woodsnt:

Nick is a 2016 graduate of Drexel University, where he earned a BS in Business Administration, Finance and Business Analytics and graduated with a 3.9 GPA

While at Drexel, Nick worked at Goldman Sachs in Philadelphia from 2014 – 2015 in the Private Wealth Management Co-op.
Nick is currently employed as a Financial Reporting Associate at Prudential Financial.

From Nick Surgent:

I am running for the General Assembly in the 34th district (Clifton, Montclair, Orange, and East Orange). From school funding to wasteful spending and unnecessary tax increases, the people of our district deserve a new voice that has new ideas and new solutions.

This November I would be honored to have your vote, a vote for a renewed spirit and a voice for positive change.
Remember to RSVP for May 18, 7 pm at Town Pub:  montclairrepublicans@gmail.com.

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