ELECTION 2017: Kim & Carlos, Men & Women…A Message from John Van Wagner


Montclair Republican Club President John Van Wagner

Hello, all, I hope everyone had a terrific summer.

Election 2017 is upon us.
If last year’s incredible events have taught us anything, we now know that conventional wisdom doesn’t exist, that what seems impossible can become reality, if enough people see through the media’s self-serving scrim.  In New Jersey we’re told, through journalism both overtly and obliquely biased, that our State is an impregnable Progressive fortress, that there’s disillusionment with our current governor, and fury about the election of a citizen ‘demagogue’ to the White House.   The message is sometimes subtle, but always clear:  you have no choice but to live with the Progressive agenda, so don’t even try to challenge the machine.
MRC Sorry Not Listening
Don’t listen to this nonsense. Act. Prove them wrong, as a great movement did on a national level less than a year ago.
We need Montclair Republican Club members and friends to help us get boots on the ground not only for the gubernatorial election, but also to support the candidacy of our young New Jersey Assembly candidate from Clifton, Nick Surgent.   Nick’s courageous and inspired run for office has enabled a growing connection with our sister organization, the Clifton Republican Club.  
If you haven’t yet met Nick, please come to a “Meet and Greet” at the home of Gerard Scorziello, Clifton Republican Club President, and his wife Kim Renta.  on Saturday, October 7 at 7:00 p.m.  131 Pershing Road in Clifton.   Wine and cheese will be served, along with the company and MRC JULY 4 2017insights of some great people.
At this gathering we’ll discuss how each of us can help Nick shine a light on everything that’s wrong with Trenton, and all the ideas the new generation of conservatives has for creating a better future.  RSVP to montclairrepublicans@gmail.com with your name, address, and contact information/comments/questions.
An Essex County Republican Women‘s organization is in formation, and will have a kick-off dinner meeting on Tuesday, September 26, 7 pm at Jim Johnston’s Steakhouse in Roseland. With leadership from our own club Women 2member Maureen Edelson, the nearly 10,000 active, female Republican voters from Newark to Fairfield can now more easily network to impact our regional political, governance and social landscape. ‘LIKE’ the club’s Facebook page, come out on the 26th, and meet like-minded women. Register at THIS LINK or RSVP to ecnjrw@gmail.com with your name, address, phone number and comments/questions. (New Montclair members to the County organization, a chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women, can also join Maureen’s informal, private Montclair Conservative & Republican Women’s Club at no additional fee.)
These, plus our burgeoning social media presence and continued interaction with conservative activists in Maplewood, South Orange, and Millburn, marks the start of a new stealth consolidation of the right-of-center movement  in Essex County and its environs, one which rejects the inevitability of Progressive oppression in our State and in our locales.
Stay tuned for other events including the campaign for the gubernatorial election, and a book reading and signing by a prominent author of political fiction.   And please, save the date on Thursday 11/2 when we will welcome the distinguished physician and health care policy expert Dr. Alieta Eck to our club meeting.
Welcome to the campaign season!   Time to step up.   Thanks.   



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