Libertarian Murray Sabrin to Appear July 26 in Montclair; Running for U.S. Senate from New Jersey

Sixty nine years ago a two-year-old boy stepped on to the shores of his newly adopted


U.S. Senate Candidate (Libertarian) Murray Sabrin

country with his parents and older brother, left hopelessness and inhumanity behind, and embarked on a marvelous journey of freedom and renewal. 

 With the devastation of the holocaust looming in their recent past, and with precious little besides resilience and the welcoming embrace of a dynamic and powerful new country, the Sabrin family started to create a new life. Ten years later,   at the age of twelve, Murray Sabrin raised his right hand in a Federal court, and, swearing to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, began a lifelong quest to define and nurture individual liberty in every aspect of American life. 
As a journalist, author, academic, political candidate, and public intellectual, Murray Sabrin is one of the nation’s premier voices of Libertarian philosophy.   Many criticize his ideas as  radical, unattainable, or irrational.  In the crucible of machine politics, his views threaten special interests on the right and the left.   But whatever one’s own opinion on protectionism, US engagement abroad, or the corrupting influence of the Federal Reserve on economic life, no one provides a more reasoned, disciplined counterpoint to political and economic orthodoxy as Murray Sabrin. 
His vision for the nation is one in which markets are free to flourish, unchained by government regulation and taxation.  Where the US achieves peaceful coexistence with the world via non-intervention.   And where the individual is the alpha and omega for every political and economic undertaking in the great, ongoing experiment which is our nation. 
It’s to champion these simple but powerful precepts that Murray Sabrin is running for the US Senate in 2018.   
Democracy is about freedom, and freedom is about choice.   Mr. Sabrin’s candidacy is the embodiment of the sacred choices we face as Americans.  
Please come to the Montclair Republican Club meeting on Thursday 7/26 at Greek Taverna at 7:00 p.m., to hear Murray Sabrin tell us what’s possible for our nation when a champion of true freedom comes to the Senate.  
Learn more about Sabrin here:
Click below to purchase your tickets for our socialable dinner here (RSVP required):

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