GAME ON: NJ’S 11th Congressional District

Sherrill I am not voting for you PLUSAfter Labor Day the gloves will come off in the battle for NJ-11. 
The Sherrill forces have been organizing and canvassing for a year and a half (as if we’re not aware of that in Montclair).   But for all of that the race is still a dead heat.   
Our sources on the ground tell us that this election could be won or lost by 1500 votes.   That means that Montclair counts.   A bit of extra turnout, a few changed minds…we could make the difference between a return to the stagnant economy of a Pelosi congress, or a continuation of the burgeoning prosperity we’ve witnessed over the last eighteen months as regulations have been cut and taxes slashed.  
We’ve come so far.   Let’s not risk losing our future. 
On August 30th, a representative from the GOP field office will visit Montclair to help organize and train all those who wish to join the fight to elect Jay Webber and retain NJ-11, as well as to flip the Senate seat currently held by the possibly criminal Robert Menendez.
If  you see what I see about what’s at stake in these fights, please come out and learn how you can actively campaign.   Even if you can participate for a just few hours, or maybe a weekend this Fall, you’ll help to bring the fight to them. 
We’ll meet at Greek Taverna on Bloomfield Avenue on Thursday, August 30th at 7:00 p.m.   Light appetizers will be served, but there will be no charge.   Please come and join the battle.   We can do this.  
RSVP BY CLICKING HERE or emailing with your name, address, and telephone number.
John Van Wagner, President
Montclair Republican Club
Jay Webber for Congress

HIS Daughter WILL Vote For Him


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