A Message From Roland Straten


Roland Straten Montclair GOP Chairman

November, 2018

Dear Montclair Republicans,
It is extremely important that you not only vote on Election Day, but that you encourage others to vote, as well. Let me share some thoughts with you.
What has happened over the years is that Republicans have compromised with the Democrats, and then accepted the compromise position as the Democrat new bargaining position. As we have done this, over the years all positions such as taxes, spending, size of government, health care, regulation, border control, and many more have drifted slowly to the left.
About ten years ago, Republicans came to the conclusion that this was a no-win strategy. The Tea Party was, as I see it, the beginning of the strategy change in the Republican Party. While the Tea Party succumbed to fierce Democrat attacks, it nevertheless initiated a sea change of attitude within many Republicans, specifically: we will no longer compromise, but stick to our core values.
Many establishment Republicans rejected this strategy, but many, to their credit, have come around.
This shocked the Democrats.
For years they were used to moving the bar slowly to the left, using deceitful compromises, taking over the educational system, and using the courts to achieve their agenda.
To see Republicans stick to their guns was intolerable. The election of Donald Trump was, in their eyes, the last straw.
Just as a child will whine and throw a temper tantrum when he does not get her way, the Democrats first whined and then attacked. Their anger is so great that they will stop at nothing to thwart the Republican resolve. Personal attacks, media contacts, courts, illegal voters, education establishment, and of course the cadres of Democrats appointed by previous Democrat administrations known as the deep state are all weapons that have been unleashed.
We have nothing — except the Constitution and people with integrity, logic and intelligence who vote –to hold off this onslaught.
Please vote for and encourage everyone you know to vote for Hugin, Webber, and the rest of the Republican slate. I have been informed that Irene DeVita, who is running for State Assembly in our 34th AD, was left off the sample and original ballots. I am hard pressed to accuse the Democrats of doing this deliberately, since they think they have a lock on the seat, but then it just shows their incompetence.
Roland Straten
Montclair Town Republican Chair

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