Click here to see Murray’s new book
This being Halloween season, it’s time for a terrifying tome, and since Stephen King seems to be taking a hiatus, Murray Sabrin has stepped into the breach with his truly scary offering, “Why the Federal Reserve Sucks”.
We’re thrilled to welcome Murray back for a return appearance at our next Montclair Republican Club meeting on Thursday, 11/7, at the Greek Taverna, 292 Bloomfield Ave, 7:00 p.m.

1 Adult $35.00 For Murray Sabrin
2 Adults $70.00
1 Student with ID $15.00

Dr. Sabrin, in his career as an academic, author, political candidate, and public intellectual, has long been the voice of sanity in the economic mental asylum that is New Jersey. Please join us, if you dare, while he serves up a scare fest of facts about the macro economy in the age of negative interest rates, out of control deficits and a Federal Reserve that pursues a policy of runaway money creation, spinning resources out of thin air. Must be magic. Or witchcraft.
Be warned–some viewers may find this presentation disturbing. Attendee discretion is advised.

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