The New Jersey Transit sponsored mural on Chestnut Street

Our rights are under attack.

With the country experiencing a series of tragic mass shootings, and urban centers pulsating with unchecked, daily violence, the establishment left is leveraging our national trauma in its campaign for more government control over our personal lives and choices.

Grief, shock, and outrage are powerful, natural human reactions to unspeakable events. They are also easy emotions to exploit, by those whose interests revolve less around the sanctity of human life than the accumulation, and retention, of collective power.

Recently in Montclair the issue of Second Amendment rights came to a contentious climax, with the installation of a pro gun control mural on the New Jersey Transit administered Chestnut St. underpass.

For those who value the right of law abiding citizens to self defense and who revere the constitution and the sanctity of individual choice, the complicity of a public agency in unilateral political expression is unacceptable.

The club is in the process of applying for permission to mount an alternative mural on the other side of the underpass.

Enter Alex “Alejandro” Roubian.

1 Adult for Alex Roubian $35.00
2 Adults $ 70.00
1 Student with ID $15.00

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