The Green New Deal and the Truth

This week the economic and political solons of the world will converge on Davos, Switzerland, most by private jet. Each year the conference agenda assumes a heightened, progressive hysteria around the issue of climate. We are, it seems, doomed, unless we agree to total government command of the economy, a ban on fossil fuels, and, for good measure, a universal basic income for those who can’t, or don’t wish to, work. The thought leaders all concur. There can be no debate. The science, after all, is settled.

Robert Crook has another story to tell us. In his long career as an auditor of some of the largest oil and gas producers in the world, he has seen the twists and fallacies the climate movement utilizes to control the narrative. In fact, the US has led the world in reducing carbon emissions by 50% in the past decade, even while gaining energy independence through the shale revolution and becoming, for the first time, a next exporter of oil and gas. 

Davos might not welcome Robert Crook’s ideas, but we’re privileged to have him as our inaugural 2020 guest, for an evening of dissident education around one the main defining issues of our day.
Please join us for a long overdue summit on the facts, and fictions, around the state of the earth.
Thursday, January 30, 7:00 p.m. Greek Taverna 292 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair
Sign up through Paypal, or pay at the door, $35.00/adult, $15.00 student with ID

1 Adult for Robert Crook $35.00
2 Adults for Robert Crook $70.00
1 student for Robert Crook $15.00

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