Holiday Greetings to all!
This year has been transformative on every level, with much wrenching heartache and pain. But it’s in the midst of trials like those visited on us in 2020 that priorities crystallize, both in our personal lives and in the greater community sphere.
In the spirit of positive transformation I’m proud to announce, in collaboration with the NJ Black Republican Club, the first Christmas Montclair Republican Club Book Drive.
This event will take place on Saturday, December 19, at the Wally Choice Community Center in Glenfield Park, from 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm, in conjunction with a toy giveaway sponsored by the Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation.
In this Christmas season I can’t think of a more precious gift for the MRC to bring to the community than that of reading, and knowledge. This is the type of project which can help shape minds, and hearts, for generations to come.
Dave Sypher, President of the NJ Black Republicans, has generously offered to provide 200 donated books for children ages pre-K through Middle School. But we can definitely use more. If anyone has been wondering what to do with store of small children’s books from years past, please drop them by 12 Marquette Rd.
I’d also ask our membership to come out to the Wally Choice Center next Saturday, to help distribute books, and to demonstrate our commitment to improving the lives every Montclair citizen.
Thank you!
Wishing everyone Joy and Hope this Christmas.

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