Montclair Republicans:
On Thursday August 5 we meet again IN PERSON for the first time in almost 18 months. And there’s no time to spare, given the events in our locked down town since 2020.
So right to the point.
Since March 2020 Our children have been disenfranchised: locked out of school, left in the cold, with no access to authentic education, or, just as crucially, to connections with peers and adult role models. The damage this has inflicted on our youth, and to Montclair families generally, will unfold with rude awakenings through the next decades.
We need this to stop, NOW. To that end I’ve invited Erik D’Amato, the founder of VOTE MONTCLAIR, a nonpartisan grassroots movement that this year successfully petitioned to let voters decide this November whether Montclair will continue to have the unfortunate distinction of being among only a handful of NJ municipalities where politicians rather than voters decide who sits on the BOE. Meanwhile, Vote Montclair is awaiting word from the Township Clerk on a second petition involving Montclair’s equally rare distinction of holding municipal elections in May, when only a handful of voters tend to turn out.
Come and hear Erik (and a MYSTERY GUEST with unique inside perspective on our singular education system in Montclair) talk about this initiative and how we as a club can move this campaign forward.
Thursday August 57:00 p.m.Greek Taverna292 Bloomfield Ave.

1 Adult $35.002
2 Adults $65.001
Student $15.00

John Van Wagner, PresidentMontclair Republican Club

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