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Written by Club President John Van Wagner, during the recent holiday season:
As 2018 ends, I want to talk about beginnings.  

Social media  was used, by both anarchist- and PTA mom-types (above, and right, respectively), to create a small frenzy over Montclair Republicans’ rights of association and speech.


We started the year with a fighting spirit, in the face of local political tyranny, when Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers , a top Trump campaign operative in New Jersey, came to speak about the many accomplishments of the administration’s first year.  In concert with our frequent hosts at the Greek Taverna, we repelled an attempt to silence us.  In so doing we put the town on notice that we matter, that our voices will be heard, and that without freedom of speech, of expression, there can be no community.   

In similar spirit we welcomed Dr. Murray Bessette from the Victims of Communism Foundation, who underlined Mobilizing Montclair Blacked Outto us the importance of history, and truth, and the need to comprehend the suffering brought to millions over decades by the scourge of totalitarian socialism.   Dr. Bessette’s presentation drove home the key role we play in Montclair, where ideological commitments often obscure  facts, right before our very eyes.   


And speaking of facts, of information, this year marked the beginning of the club’s active commitment to re-shaping the narrative in our schools.  In 2018 we proudly issued the first Montclair Republican Club sponsored scholarship, given to two High school seniors who demonstrated commitment to, and understanding of, the primacy of individual freedoms.   The scholarship was an achievement both symbolic and practical, and impacted two young lives in positive ways we can’t begin to  know as they begin their life journeys. 
Another seminal achievement was the inclusion of Steve Rogers, representing President Trump’s initiatives, as a speaker for the Citizenship and Government Institute at Montclair High School, the first time a conservative spokesman addressed the group.   Step by step we’re prying the door open on the educational establishment in New Jersey.   This is not an adversary for the faint of heart, and my deep thanks goes out to everyone involved in this initiative. 
On the 4th of July, we proudly fielded twenty-one marchers in Montclair’s parade.   Our group was vital and diverse, old and young, men and women, black and white, all united by a passion for liberty and by the courage to take it to the streets in the most visible way possible.  I’ve never been prouder to lead such a fine group of people, and I could see the future taking shape in our contingent.   At the end of the parade we were already talking about growing our number of marchers next year. We many have outnumbered Montclair’s Socialist marchers for the first time in years. 
This past Fall I determined to help lead the club more directly into active campaigning.   The results of our Senate and Congressional elections, while they weren’t what we’d hoped for, don’t reflect the many victories we experienced while campaigning street to street, door to door, reassuring the thousands of Montclair Republicans among us that they have a safe haven.   The individual conversations we had, and the insights we gained into the lives of our fellow citizens and conservatives, galvanized a new determination among any of who participated to keep moving, to bring in as many as we can, and to fight for a future day when change will come.   And for many, the hope for that change resides in us. 
So on to 2019.   
Please save the date for our January 31st meeting with Doug Steinhardt, the Chairman of the NJ State Republican Committee, at 7:00 p.m. at Greek Taverna.   Chairman Steinhardt will provide guidance on our direction and focus as we rebuild the party in New Jersey.    Also, in the  first part of the year, we’ll have field organizers from Americans For Prosperity come to outline how their organization can help us with our own messaging in Montclair.   We going to start strong in the New Year, so please join in.  
 A new beginning awaits.   

A Message From Roland Straten


Roland Straten Montclair GOP Chairman

November, 2018

Dear Montclair Republicans,
It is extremely important that you not only vote on Election Day, but that you encourage others to vote, as well. Let me share some thoughts with you.
What has happened over the years is that Republicans have compromised with the Democrats, and then accepted the compromise position as the Democrat new bargaining position. As we have done this, over the years all positions such as taxes, spending, size of government, health care, regulation, border control, and many more have drifted slowly to the left.
About ten years ago, Republicans came to the conclusion that this was a no-win strategy. The Tea Party was, as I see it, the beginning of the strategy change in the Republican Party. While the Tea Party succumbed to fierce Democrat attacks, it nevertheless initiated a sea change of attitude within many Republicans, specifically: we will no longer compromise, but stick to our core values.
Many establishment Republicans rejected this strategy, but many, to their credit, have come around.
This shocked the Democrats.
For years they were used to moving the bar slowly to the left, using deceitful compromises, taking over the educational system, and using the courts to achieve their agenda.
To see Republicans stick to their guns was intolerable. The election of Donald Trump was, in their eyes, the last straw.
Just as a child will whine and throw a temper tantrum when he does not get her way, the Democrats first whined and then attacked. Their anger is so great that they will stop at nothing to thwart the Republican resolve. Personal attacks, media contacts, courts, illegal voters, education establishment, and of course the cadres of Democrats appointed by previous Democrat administrations known as the deep state are all weapons that have been unleashed.
We have nothing — except the Constitution and people with integrity, logic and intelligence who vote –to hold off this onslaught.
Please vote for and encourage everyone you know to vote for Hugin, Webber, and the rest of the Republican slate. I have been informed that Irene DeVita, who is running for State Assembly in our 34th AD, was left off the sample and original ballots. I am hard pressed to accuse the Democrats of doing this deliberately, since they think they have a lock on the seat, but then it just shows their incompetence.
Roland Straten
Montclair Town Republican Chair

Van Wagner’s Weekly Message

In the countdown weeks to Election Day 2018, Montclair Republicans are focused on grassroots efforts.

To join the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) team with right-of-center neighbors and friends in Montclair, especially the 11th Congressional District, email to be placed on our ‘Weekly Van Wagner’ newsletter email list for the latest meetings, efforts, technology, tee-shirts, pizza and fun.


John Van Wagner, President            Montclair Republican Club



GAME ON: NJ’S 11th Congressional District

Sherrill I am not voting for you PLUSAfter Labor Day the gloves will come off in the battle for NJ-11. 
The Sherrill forces have been organizing and canvassing for a year and a half (as if we’re not aware of that in Montclair).   But for all of that the race is still a dead heat.   
Our sources on the ground tell us that this election could be won or lost by 1500 votes.   That means that Montclair counts.   A bit of extra turnout, a few changed minds…we could make the difference between a return to the stagnant economy of a Pelosi congress, or a continuation of the burgeoning prosperity we’ve witnessed over the last eighteen months as regulations have been cut and taxes slashed.  
We’ve come so far.   Let’s not risk losing our future. 
On August 30th, a representative from the GOP field office will visit Montclair to help organize and train all those who wish to join the fight to elect Jay Webber and retain NJ-11, as well as to flip the Senate seat currently held by the possibly criminal Robert Menendez.
If  you see what I see about what’s at stake in these fights, please come out and learn how you can actively campaign.   Even if you can participate for a just few hours, or maybe a weekend this Fall, you’ll help to bring the fight to them. 
We’ll meet at Greek Taverna on Bloomfield Avenue on Thursday, August 30th at 7:00 p.m.   Light appetizers will be served, but there will be no charge.   Please come and join the battle.   We can do this.  
RSVP BY CLICKING HERE or emailing with your name, address, and telephone number.
John Van Wagner, President
Montclair Republican Club
Jay Webber for Congress

HIS Daughter WILL Vote For Him

Libertarian Murray Sabrin to Appear July 26 in Montclair; Running for U.S. Senate from New Jersey

Sixty nine years ago a two-year-old boy stepped on to the shores of his newly adopted


U.S. Senate Candidate (Libertarian) Murray Sabrin

country with his parents and older brother, left hopelessness and inhumanity behind, and embarked on a marvelous journey of freedom and renewal. 

 With the devastation of the holocaust looming in their recent past, and with precious little besides resilience and the welcoming embrace of a dynamic and powerful new country, the Sabrin family started to create a new life. Ten years later,   at the age of twelve, Murray Sabrin raised his right hand in a Federal court, and, swearing to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, began a lifelong quest to define and nurture individual liberty in every aspect of American life. 
As a journalist, author, academic, political candidate, and public intellectual, Murray Sabrin is one of the nation’s premier voices of Libertarian philosophy.   Many criticize his ideas as  radical, unattainable, or irrational.  In the crucible of machine politics, his views threaten special interests on the right and the left.   But whatever one’s own opinion on protectionism, US engagement abroad, or the corrupting influence of the Federal Reserve on economic life, no one provides a more reasoned, disciplined counterpoint to political and economic orthodoxy as Murray Sabrin. 
His vision for the nation is one in which markets are free to flourish, unchained by government regulation and taxation.  Where the US achieves peaceful coexistence with the world via non-intervention.   And where the individual is the alpha and omega for every political and economic undertaking in the great, ongoing experiment which is our nation. 
It’s to champion these simple but powerful precepts that Murray Sabrin is running for the US Senate in 2018.   
Democracy is about freedom, and freedom is about choice.   Mr. Sabrin’s candidacy is the embodiment of the sacred choices we face as Americans.  
Please come to the Montclair Republican Club meeting on Thursday 7/26 at Greek Taverna at 7:00 p.m., to hear Murray Sabrin tell us what’s possible for our nation when a champion of true freedom comes to the Senate.  
Learn more about Sabrin here:
Click below to purchase your tickets for our socialable dinner here (RSVP required):

Get In Summer’s Game: March on July 4 (And More)

Greetings, Montclair Republicans!   
Van Wagner Beach 1

John Van Wagner, Club President

It’s beach time, lake time, baseball time, and generally time for kicking back. 

But before we all grab our fishing poles and head down the Parkway, we need to give some thought to what happens on Tuesday, November 6.
That’s the day our nation will vote on whether or not to retain the powerful Trump tax cut, to accelerate the liberating regulatory reforms and the devolution of the corrupt administrative State, to continue the transition of the judiciary, and to institutionalize our newly assertive foreign policy.   
The alternative?  
Lose it all to the progressive vision of a controlled and  slow growing economy where income equality takes precedence over individual initiative and opportunity.          
Jay Webber for Congress

NJ 11 Congressional Candidate Jay Webber With Two of His Four Daughters

So, in your beach bag, be sure to pack a copy of Newt Gingrich’s “Trump’s America“. It might just propel you out of the waves and into the ranks of active campaigners and donors, particularly for Jay Webber in the crucial race for NJ-11.

In the meantime, we have some fun and informative events in the coming weeks, including Montclair’s Independence Day Parade (register HERE) on the 4th (all comers, friends and family welcome, for truly fun and uplifting experience), a meet and greet brunch with members new and old on Saturday, June 30 at 10 am, and a  visit by Murray Sabrin, Libertarian candidate for Senate, on July 26.   
Finally, before vacations begin in earnest, please remember to activate/re-activate your membership for the year 2018/2019, either by PayPal / credit card or by check by clicking HERE.
Happy dog days!   And then let’s get in the game!  
John Van Wagner, President
Montclair Republican Club

Keep a Conservative 11th: Meet Jay Webber, 11th CD Candidate on Apr. 5, 7 pm in Montclair

JAY WEBBER HEAD SHOTNew Jersey State Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26), candidate for U.S. Congress in NJ’s 11th Congressional District (a seat currently held by Rodney Frelinghuysen), will visit with and address members and guests of the Montclair Republican Club on Thursday, April 5, 7 pm at Greek Taverna, Montclair.

Purchase your tickets for a sociable and delicious dinner meeting at the links below (special student rate available), or email with your reservation: send your check, postmarked by March 29, to Montclair Republicans, 12 Marquette Road, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 ($35/pp; $15/student rate (11-18) when accompanied by a paying parent).

Jay Webber, 46, a resident of Morris Plains, is a Clifton native, father of 7, Johns Hopkins and Harvard Law School grad. In private law practice in Whippany, he has served in the New Jersey State Assembly since 2008. He is a member of the Reagan Ranch Board of Governors and is founder of New Jersey Reagan Day, the Garden State’s celebratory gathering of conservatives. Read more about Jay Webber HERE.

Jay Webber is known as a conservative voice in the New Jersey State Assembly. Find a ten-year history of video presentations to review HERE.

Listen to a 4-minute radio interview / video on why Jay Webber is running for Congress HERE.

Read’s recent story on Jay Webber HERE, and Morris County Young Republican’s Jordan Chester’s endorsement of Jay Webber HERE.

Learn more about New Jersey’s 11th U.S. Congresssional District HERE.

We need to put our best foot forward up here as Republicans, and I think I’m the candidate who can keep this seat and keep the progress that we’re making in the country. – NJ Assemblyman & U.S. Congressional Candidate Jay Webber

Purchase 1 Adult ticket ($35) HERE

Purchase 2 Adult tickets ($70) HERE

Purchase 1 Youth ticket ($15, ages 11-18) HERE. Must be accompanied by a paying parent.

Greek Taverna’s family-style dinner is delicious, authentic, and plentiful. Looking forward to seeing New Jersey Republicans, Independents, and sociable old and new friends from across the political spectrum on April 5.

Jay Webber Kids


Victims of Communism: “We Put An End To Political Correctness,” Part 2

Republicans and other sociable guests are invited to attend:

Capitalism CommunismOn Thursday, Feb. 22, 7 pm in Montclair, join Murray Bessette, PhD, Director of Academic Programs of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC), a Washington, DC-based educational and human rights nonprofit foundation devoted to commemorating the more than 100 million victims of communism around the world and to the freedom of those still living under totalitarian regimes, for a sociable dinner and illuminating presentation. Location: Greek Taverna, 292 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey.

Purchase your dinner & discussion tickets using Paypal (or credit card) below. Student rate available for youth aged 12-18 when accompanied by parent. RSVP required. Or, email with your RSVP and send your check (postmarked by February 14, 2018) for $35 (1 guest), $70 (2 guests), $15 (youth) to Montclair Republican Club, 12 Marquette Road, Montclair, NJ 07043.

Click HERE for 1 ADULT TICKET ($35)


CLICK HERE for 1 YOUTH TICKET ($15, youth aged 12 – 18, when accompanied by a paying adult).

The ‘People’s Republic of Montclair,’ as Star-Ledger editorial page editor and Montclair resident Tom Moran nicknamed our prominent community, has had a steady, growing socialist/communist presence or connection for generations. We live side by side, joke on social media, but…is it time for the romance language of communism — making everyone equal in some sort of Utopia (in our case, a ‘perfect’ Montclair?) — to be deconstructed? To do so would mark yet another end to political correctness. This conversation is especially important for young adults.

Communism promises to make everyone equal, but delivers radical inequality. Every time it’s tried, it ends in economic collapse or a police state. From the famines, purges, and gulags of Soviet Russia to Mao’s Great Leap Forward and the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge—from the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre to the Castro regime’s 2012 murder of Oswaldo Payá—communists have killed more than 100 million people. Countless more suffered and suffer still. – VOC Memorial Foundation

CLICK HERE to support or join Montclair Republicans.


“We Put An End To Political Correctness” Part 1

Montclair Republicans kick off 2018 with two very important meetings that each span subjects from immediately local to broadly global. We hope you’ll join in.

Republicans and other sociable guests  are invited to attend:

January 18, Thursday, 7 pm at Greek Taverna (Montclair):

Steve Rogers TrumpSTEVE ROGERS, Manager for New Jersey Trump 2020

He’s a regular guy, and our neighbor. Steve Rogers of Nutley is the New Jersey manager for Trump 2020, and a familiar face to Montclair Republicans. Join in a sociable dinner on Thursday, January 18, 7 pm at Montclair’s Greek Taverna to hear President Trump’s message through the perspective of Rogers‘ boots-on-the-ground operation. Steve was one of the few pundits who predicted a Trump presidential win in 2016. ‘We put an end to political correctness,’ he said following Trump’s 2016 election, as New Jersey campaign manager.  Purchase your dinner & discussion tickets using Paypal (or credit card) below. Student rate available for Montclair resident youth aged 12-18 when accompanied by parent. RSVP required. Or, email and send your check (postmarked by January 10) for $35 (1 guest), $70 (2 guests), $15 (youth) to Montclair Republican Club, 12 Marquette Road, Montclair, NJ 07043.

January 18 Dinner & Presentation: Click below to purchase by Paypal/credit card:

1 Adult Dinner Ticket $35       2 Adult Dinner Tickets  $70       1 Youth (12-18) Ticket $15


SAVE THE DATE: February 22, Thursday, 7 pm at Greek Taverna (Montclair):

MURRAY BESSETTE, PhD, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

Mark Your Calendar: On Thursday, Feb. 22, 7 pm join Murray Bessette, PhD, Director of Academic Programs of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC), a Washington, DC-based educational and human rights nonprofit foundation devoted to commemorating the more than 100 million victims of communism around the world and to the freedom of those still living under totalitarian regimes, for yet another Montclair Republican Club very sociable dinner and very illuminating presentation.




Meet Healthcare Policy Expert Alieta Eck, MD on Nov. 2, 7 pm in Montclair


Aleita Eck, MD

Get ready to focus on the November 7 election by coming together with your Republican, conservative, thoughtful independent, libertarian & open-minded neighbors for a fascinating speaker, New Jersey’s Dr. Alieta Eck. Dr. Eck ran for U.S. Congress in 2014 in the 12th Congressional District (Central New Jersey) and for U.S. Senate in 2013.

Dr. Eck will join in Montclair Republican Club’s traditional, sociable dinner meeting on Thursday, Nov. 2, 7 pm at Greek Taverna. An alternative thinker who has created a free, private medical clinic in Piscataway, Dr. Eck has long been involved in heath care reform and believes that the government is a poor provider of medical care.

Greek Taverna

Montclair Republicans Meet & Eat at Greek Taverna: Thurs, Nov 2, 7 pm

Purchase your dinner tickets ($35/pp) here using Paypal or credit card, or email to reserve and pay at the door. RSVP required.



YOUNG ADULT TICKET ($15, age 18 & below): CLICK HERE


Some of Dr. Eck’s recent, relevant blog posts are: Caution: Is Health Care a Right?The Tangled Webs of Insurance Networks, and Obamacare Subsidies Rob the Middle Class.

With two important elections less than a week following, the November 2 Montclair Republican Club meeting will be a convivial opportunity to catch up with family and community members to discuss New Jersey’s gubernatorial election and Assembly District 34 election, featuring Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno and newcomer Nick Surgent, respectively, and the two ballot questions.

Join Dr. Eck for a terrific evening, as usual, in the company of Montclair Republicans.