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Montclair Republican Committee Endorses Donald Trump

Dear Montclair Republican,

The Montclair Republican County Committee voted to endorse Donald Trump and the entire Republican line this election.  We encourage you to vote Republican.

Three reasons to vote Republican:

Health Care

Our health care system, while it could be the best in the world, is being hogtied by Democrats.  Their objective is socialized medicine (they call it public option or single payer to confuse people).  They knew Obamacare was flawed.  Their next step is to declare Obamacare a failure and say that we must replace it with socialized medicine.  Hillary Clinton was an early architect of this plan.


Regardless of what Hillary Clinton says, she will increase the size of government by increasing both taxes and spending.  Somehow, the tax-the-rich schemes always end up taxing the middle class.


The Democrats have continually advocated and enacted into law more and more unreasonable regulations that hamper economic growth and are a major burden on business and ordinary citizens, preventing economic growth.

There are many more reasons to vote Republican, but these three alone should be persuasive.

Guiding Principles

Montclair Republicans stand for limited government, personal liberty/responsibility, and economic opportunity.  Our core values align with those of the Republican Party in 2016. For more information, see the Republican Party platform at https://prod-static-ngop-pbl.s3.amazonaws.com/media/documents/DRAFT_12_FINAL[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf

Montclair Republican County Committee
Roland Straten, Town Chair



It Will Be a Night To Remember: August 6, 8 pm: Come Watch the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate

AldrinWhere were you on July 20, 1969? Mark your calendar & make Thursday, August 6 – the first Republican 2016 Presidential Candidate debate – another night to remember.

Most Americans of a certain age — and especially, Montclairians — remember very well where they were 46 years ago tonight — July 20, 1969. The first moon landing in history — that of the U.S. space program’s Apollo 11 craft with our hometown hero Buzz Aldrin aboard —  was a testament to America’s ‘Right Stuff.’

Locally, many still breathe with the inspiration of the 1969 moon landing and Buzz Aldrin. But, Montclair and friends…do we have ignition?

The control of the American Experiment is to be placed in a new chief executive’s hands in sixteen months, but its power lies with you. Come out to Montclair Republican Club’s sociable and friendly Debate-Watching Party on August 6, featuring Republican Party candidates, in order to start gathering information, discerning distinctions, and making your best decision on November 8, 2016: Town Pub of Bloomfield, 8 pm, a la carte menu. RSVP to montclairrepublicans@gmail.com. It will be a night to remember: let’s get fired up about our republic.

Bring your family’s young adults to this awesome lesson in American and comparative history. Sign up now: unlike Aldrin’s, and perhaps Washington’s perspectives, space for this event is limited ;).

…and since the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the Republican model of Government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.

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PS: Are you an independent, libertarian, conservative, patriot or, perhaps, a member of another party questioning your identity/affiliation? Ours is a big, friendly tent; please join in for a pleasant evening and new acquaintances.

Consider These ‘Firsts’ at Montclair’s Lincoln Day Dinner on Feb. 12; Speakers Focus on Education

Abraham Lincoln smallMatthew G Carter smallMary MocharyDamion FryeSam Cole 1Derrell Bradford

Join in as Montclair Republicans celebrate U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on Thursday, February 12, 7 pm at Nauna’s Bella Casa in Montclair. Learn more & purchase tickets using Paypal by clicking here, or email montclairrepublicans@gmail.com for more information and to reserve your seats. Guest speakers Derrell Bradford, Sam Cole and Damion Frye will address topics in education as part of a panel moderated by club president John Van Wagner.

While many Republican clubs celebrate the esteemed President Lincoln as the first Republican president, Montclair Republicans can also take note that our town’s first African-American mayor, Rev. Matthew G. Carter, and first female mayor, Mary Mochary, Esq., were part of Montclair’s Republican community.

The Montclair Republican Club, independent of state and national organizations, favors limited government, personal liberty, and economic opportunity. Belief in individuals’ ability to rise and thrive, as Lincoln, Carter and Mochary did, and as we expect our children to be able to do, is a hallmark of Montclair Republican style. See you on the 12th at 7 pm. RSVP.

Pictured above, left to right: Lincoln, Carter, Mochary, Frye, Cole, Bradford. Damion Frye photo credit: Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times.

A Message from Montclair Republican Club President John Van Wagner

montclair map with heart smallI’ve never been prouder to be a Montclair Republican.  

Yesterday’s vote was a special election indeed, one based on ideas and principles rather than rhetoric.   One unique individual had the courage and conviction to make the case for individuals throughout our State.  Individuals struggling to grow businesses, to educate their children, to keep their families safe, healthy and hopeful–these were the citizens Steve Lonegan championed in this race.   For that, we’re supremely grateful to him, and look forward to his continued voice and service in public life. 
But one man can’t do it all.   Those of us in Montclair who cleave to libertarian, free market principles, even against the consistent tide, have shown that we’re determined to be part of the solutions we crave.   During this campaign we called, we knocked, we displayed, and we spoke with increasing unity of our hopes not just for Steve’s candidacy, but for a future society unencumbered by a venal and self-interested federal government.   And the results, with the ever-improving poll numbers right up until yesterday, bore witness to our effort, and our hope for a different future. 
Thanks to everyone, of course and especially Steve Lonegan.  And now on to a resounding victory for Governor Chris Christie.   
John Van Wagner, President 
Montclair Republican Club

May 28, 6 pm: Governor Whitman to Address Montclair Republican Club

Whitman Blue

The Honorable Christine Todd Whitman, New Jersey’s Fiftieth Governor (photo: Politico)

The defining feature of the conservative viewpoint is a faith in the ability, and a respect for the right, of individuals to make their own decisions – economic, social, and spiritual – about their lives. The true conservative understands that government’s track record in respecting individual rights is poor when it dictates individual choices.

Has any other New Jersey woman ‘leaned in’ to politics & leadership more than Christine Todd Whitman? Two-term governor, U.S. EPA Administrator, author, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother & consultant…join the Montclair Republican Club for a warm welcome to Governor Whitman at the club’s May 28 dinner meeting (6 pm, J & K Steakhouse, Montclair Center’s newest downtown restaurant, 44 South Park Street, $40/pp). Fill out the contact form below for more information. What would you like to hear Mrs. Whitman speak about?