2016 Year in Review

As we recap the 2016 year at Montclair Republican Club & County Committee, we invite you to join with our minority voice in Montclair, New Jersey, USA to maintain the function of a constitutional republic and a diverse voice in town affairs. Email montclairrepublicans@gmail.com with ‘JOIN’ in the subject line, or click THIS LINK more information and payment options.

Our internal polling at the beginning of the year portended President-Elect Donald Trump’s strength nine months before the election. Trump came in second in that poll, only to Marco Rubio, out of a field of twenty candidates. By November 8, 2016, members of our club and community were not surprised by the results of the election.

Our events throughout the year, combined with a clear and commonsense message, strong media presence, and publicity surrounding a local conservative candidate, attracted new members and friends to each event. Our doors are always open to those who favor limited government, economic opportunity, and personal liberty/responsibility.

2016’s timeline included:



Libertarian Dr. Murray Sabrin

  • Dr. Murray Sabrin on ‘Eliminating New Jersey’s Income Tax’
  • 4th Annual ‘Football Playoff / Chili Cookoff’ Party



  • Presidential candidate Ted Cruz’ spokesperson Sue Ann Penna


  • A rally for Montclair’s only 2016 Town council election challenger (3rd ward), Club member Maureen Edelson
  • Montclair Republicans attend League of Women Voters of the Montclair Area debate between 3rd Ward Council candidates


Mo Yogi Berra Museum

Montclair’s 3rd Ward Council Candidate Maureen Edelson

  • Conservative local candidate Maureen Edelson (3rd Ward) fails to win against the incumbent in Montclair’s municipal election, but outpaces Mitt Romney’s 2012 results by 30% while gaining town-wide admiration for a well-fought challenge and reasonable, non-partisan positions focused on quality of life, smaller government, lower taxes and more sound municipal decision-making.


  • Montclair resident and municipal gadfly Sandy Sorkin on Township Municipal Finance
  • Montclair’s former U.S. Congressional Candidate Roland Straten was elected Chairman of the town’s County Republican Committee.



  • Club members & friends joined together at Town Pub of Bloomfield to watch the first presidential debate, and hosted reporters from National Public Radio at the gathering.
  • Montclair’s highest-achieving Republican, Buzz Aldrin, landed in his hometown to celebrate the naming of Buzz Aldrin Middle School.


  • Nutley’s Steve Rogers visited the club to speak about national security. Learn more about Steve HERE.
  • Montclair’s Republican County Committee endorsed Donald Trump and the entire Republican line for the November 8 general election.



A Night to Remember – Nov. 8, 2016

  • In preparation election day 2016, club members, friends and guests attended gatherings on the subjects of decision-making and the major party platforms.
  • November 8, 2016: Republicans win the White House, the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, and a majority of statehouses. Our election night party was small but happy.
  • Montclair Republicans mourned the loss of another bright light, Marjorie Hague.


  • Businessman and author Israel Vicente joined club members and friends for a review of his recent book, ‘For the People,’ and a discussion of the Trump presidential campaign.
  • A record turnout of Montclair Republicans celebrated a very good year at the Essex County Republicans Holiday party

We will begin 2017 with our 5th annual Football Playoff / Chili Cook-Off on Sunday, January 22, 3 pm at a private home in Montclair. Bring your home-made chili entry or an appetizer to share. RSVP to montclairrepublicans@gmail.com with ‘FOOTBALL’ or ‘CHILI’ — or both, since limiting government doesn’t mean limiting fun —  in the subject line.

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