Montclair Republican Club

There are over two thousand registered Republicans in Montclair. If you are one of them, or if you’re an Independent or Democrat who’s come to the conclusion that taxation, regulation, bureaucratic waste, and entitlement spending have reached critical, unsustainable levels, you are not alone in our town.

The Montclair Republican Club meets regularly, hosting eminent speakers from state and local government, conservative lobbying groups, and think tanks that incubate libertarian ideas and initiatives. We also provide a platform for interested citizens to get involved in campaigns and in influencing policy at the county and municipal levels.

Most importantly, we’re a safe haven for those who want to express their political beliefs freely, in a town which, beautiful though it is, is known to suffer from a lack of diversity and tolerance regarding alternative ideas about the role of government in our economic and social lives.

Please send your contact information if you’d like to receive updates on the club’s activities, or you’d like to attend a meeting. We welcome anyone at all with an interest in free thinking, and the direction and future of our town, our state, and our country. Reach us at

Here’s to a healthy Montclair!
John Van Wagner, President
Gene Byrne, Treasurer
Maureen Edelson, Secretary

One response

  1. Good morning,

    My name is Joe Cupoli, and I am the Republican Candidate for State Senate in the 34th District. For too many years, Senator Gill has breezed into office without any significant opposition and then coasted through her term with minimal effort and even less improvements for the voters of her district.

    I want to break that streak. I am a self-made businessman, who believes that government needs to be run more like a business. I believe in smaller government and I believe tax incentives that will stimulate business and subsequently jobs.

    With the redistricting that the democrats orchestrated, it has become ALMOST statistically impossible for a Republican to be elected in the 34th District, but I believe I can beat the odds.

    I am a former Clifton City Councilman, with significant support in Clifton and it’s huge voter base—on both sides of the political aisle. We have a popular Republican governor, who has garnered support from Unaffiliateds and even some Democrats. We have a special election for U.S. Senate, which has already seen the Democratic faithful coming to the polls for an August primary and soon an October election. We have a weak Democratic challenger to the Governor who is far behind in the polls and not likely to make voter-weary Democrats come again in November.

    I can do this. But, I need help. I need the help of every single Republican in Montclair and it starts with you.

    Please let me know if you would like me to come and speak at your next meeting. We Republicans have a powerful message, we just need to start getting it out.

    Joe Cupoli
    Senate Candidate, 34th District

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