Montclair Republican Committee

Dear Registered Montclair Republican,

It is an honor to serve you. As Chairman of the Montclair, New Jersey Republican County Committee, it has been my greatest reward to see the dynamic growth in representation and leadership throughout the districts of Montclair over the past five years.

The Montclair Republican Committee is the official group of elected representatives from the voting districts of Montclair to the Essex County Republican Organization.

Each voting district of Montclair can be represented by one male and one female representative. Additional county committee members can be appointed at any time with approval of the committee.

Are you a registered Republican, and interested in serving on the Montclair Republican County Committee to represent these districts? Contact me and become part of our family for a sustainable Montclair.

Very truly yours,
Roland Straten

One response

  1. I am 82 & a life long republican. Received my mail in ballot. One problem I received 2 of them. Called Newark office & they connected to Montclair I believe. They told me to throw the 2nd one out. How many Democrats got 2 ballots and filling out two? I am concerned. They said someone messed up. Curious. Didn’t know who else to call. Thanks, just had to get it off my chest.

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