Who Will Protect the Weak?
Night after night the narrative unfolds in the national media as our cities burn and blood runs in the streets. There is a revolt underway against the oppression of the police, who use force and intimidation to maintain brutish control over despairing and disadvantaged communities. Political opportunists, one of whom described her city’s turmoil as a ‘Summer of Love’, exhort us to ‘re-imagine’ our concept of law enforcement, to defund and disband the police force, and ‘re-direct’ funds to community based social services. American youth in particular are targets of this false utopian message, which is being disseminated with no filter throughout our high schools and colleges.
We in the Montclair Republican Club say “Enough”.
It’s time to hear from those who understand reality, who put their bodies and lives in daily jeopardy to ensure that the most vulnerable among us can live life in safety. That is the measure of a great society. It’s the essence of America.
Anti-police rhetoric blares throughout social and multi-media on permanent loop, and nowhere more so than here in Montclair.
It’s time to push back. To give voice to the chief law enforcement officer of our town, to learn of the Herculean challenges he and his officers undertake every day on our behalf, and how each of us can help to support both the messaging and mission of the police.
Come for a meeting and dialog with Montclair Police Chief Todd Conforti. Let’s honor our most important public servants within the community, and talk about, solutions, community, and an end to the madness.



Come to Edgemont Park in Montclair, NJ (meeting near the Memorial Island–just look for the American flags and the red t-shirts and caps), on Saturday July 4 at noon. Bring your own food, friends and fellow travelers.
This will be an occasion for fellowship and reflection, and pure American joy. We’ll set aside a time for anyone who would like to express themselves through speeches, readings, or music, to elevate our understanding of the unique American journey of each individual citizen.
Our gathering will be peaceful and safe. We believe that freedom is always married to responsibility. All who come are encouraged to observe basic pandemic precautions that will help to make the occasion a celebration of responsible choice. Individual choice. Freedom.
Kindly RSVP to so we have an idea of how many to expect. .
John Van Wagner, MRC President


Rosemary Becchi, Republican candidate for NJ-11
During times like these we need leadership. We don’t need representatives who pander with their votes, who undermine the electoral process by playing impeachment games, who are in the pockets of big money and special interests. We need leadership in the House of Representatives by citizens like Rosemary Becchi.
Rosemary has been a dedicated public servant in NJ for two decades. A seasoned tax lawyer who’s served on the the Senate Finance committee, worked in private practice, and who currently helms the tax reform advocacy group Jersey First, she has up front, in-depth understanding of the system and its capacity for dysfunction. She’s the champion we need to fight for NJ in the arena of Washington DC.
Join us on a call with Rosemary on Thursday 4/9 at 7:00 p.m. Come with your questions about the stimulus bill, tax reform, and anything you want to know about the current Corona virus threat. You’ll come away with a strong understanding of why the club needs to mobilize all of its resources to win the seat for NJ-11 on Nov. 8 and send Rosemary to Washington to work for us.
Rosemary Becchi is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.   Topic: Montclair Republican Club Time: Apr 9, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)   Join Zoom Meeting   Meeting ID: 321 565 064   One tap mobile +13126266799,,321565064# US (Chicago) +19292056099,,321565064# US (New York)   Dial by your location        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)        +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)        +1 253 215 8782 US        +1 301 715 8592 US        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose) Meeting ID: 321 565 064 Find your local number:

The Green New Deal and the Truth

This week the economic and political solons of the world will converge on Davos, Switzerland, most by private jet. Each year the conference agenda assumes a heightened, progressive hysteria around the issue of climate. We are, it seems, doomed, unless we agree to total government command of the economy, a ban on fossil fuels, and, for good measure, a universal basic income for those who can’t, or don’t wish to, work. The thought leaders all concur. There can be no debate. The science, after all, is settled.

Robert Crook has another story to tell us. In his long career as an auditor of some of the largest oil and gas producers in the world, he has seen the twists and fallacies the climate movement utilizes to control the narrative. In fact, the US has led the world in reducing carbon emissions by 50% in the past decade, even while gaining energy independence through the shale revolution and becoming, for the first time, a next exporter of oil and gas. 

Davos might not welcome Robert Crook’s ideas, but we’re privileged to have him as our inaugural 2020 guest, for an evening of dissident education around one the main defining issues of our day.
Please join us for a long overdue summit on the facts, and fictions, around the state of the earth.
Thursday, January 30, 7:00 p.m. Greek Taverna 292 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair
Sign up through Paypal, or pay at the door, $35.00/adult, $15.00 student with ID

1 Adult for Robert Crook $35.00
2 Adults for Robert Crook $70.00
1 student for Robert Crook $15.00


The New Jersey Transit sponsored mural on Chestnut Street

Our rights are under attack.

With the country experiencing a series of tragic mass shootings, and urban centers pulsating with unchecked, daily violence, the establishment left is leveraging our national trauma in its campaign for more government control over our personal lives and choices.

Grief, shock, and outrage are powerful, natural human reactions to unspeakable events. They are also easy emotions to exploit, by those whose interests revolve less around the sanctity of human life than the accumulation, and retention, of collective power.

Recently in Montclair the issue of Second Amendment rights came to a contentious climax, with the installation of a pro gun control mural on the New Jersey Transit administered Chestnut St. underpass.

For those who value the right of law abiding citizens to self defense and who revere the constitution and the sanctity of individual choice, the complicity of a public agency in unilateral political expression is unacceptable.

The club is in the process of applying for permission to mount an alternative mural on the other side of the underpass.

Enter Alex “Alejandro” Roubian.

1 Adult for Alex Roubian $35.00
2 Adults $ 70.00
1 Student with ID $15.00


Click here to see Murray’s new book
This being Halloween season, it’s time for a terrifying tome, and since Stephen King seems to be taking a hiatus, Murray Sabrin has stepped into the breach with his truly scary offering, “Why the Federal Reserve Sucks”.
We’re thrilled to welcome Murray back for a return appearance at our next Montclair Republican Club meeting on Thursday, 11/7, at the Greek Taverna, 292 Bloomfield Ave, 7:00 p.m.

1 Adult $35.00 For Murray Sabrin
2 Adults $70.00
1 Student with ID $15.00

Dr. Sabrin, in his career as an academic, author, political candidate, and public intellectual, has long been the voice of sanity in the economic mental asylum that is New Jersey. Please join us, if you dare, while he serves up a scare fest of facts about the macro economy in the age of negative interest rates, out of control deficits and a Federal Reserve that pursues a policy of runaway money creation, spinning resources out of thin air. Must be magic. Or witchcraft.
Be warned–some viewers may find this presentation disturbing. Attendee discretion is advised.


Do you believe County government is a footnote, a detail, a non-issue? Guess again. How many of us knows about the 54M contact Essex County maintains with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain illegal aliens? Or how much money filters through the county coffers as they fund and administer multiple state run agencies and programs? Exactly who has the power over all of this money? And how does it benefit us?

Adam Kraemer wants us to know. He’s running for Essex County Freeholder against incumbent Democrat Romaine Graham. Adam is a private citizen and lifelong Essex County resident, living in West Orange, married with triplet sixteen-year-olds. A former teacher of Social Studies, he currently works in the Credit Department for Inteplast in Livingston. He’s a graduate of Columbia High School and Colgate University, with two Masters from Teacher’s College of Columbia University.
Adam is a private citizen who loves his community, and if he wins will be the first Republican on the Essex County Board of chosen Freeholders for the last four decades. Think about that.

We’ll welcome Adam to our Fall kickoff club meeting on Thursday, September 19, 7:00 p.m. at the Greek Taverna, 292 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair NJ. $35.00 pp adult includes dinner. $15.00 for student with ID.
Please RSVP, , or simply pay at the door.


Dear Kevin,
As you may know, New Jersey Transit recently allowed the display of a political mural on an underside wall of the train trestle at Chestnut Street in Montclair.
And, as you also may know, the mural depicts commonly-recognized gun control themes and thereby promotes a single viewpoint on an important political issue currently being debated in community life, the media, and government.
Because NJTransit is a state-owned public transportation system, NJTransit has an ethical and legal obligation to afford free expression, equal protection, and access to opposing viewpoints.  
Indeed, NJ Transit appears to recognize this obligation to the constitutional rights of the public in Chapter 83 of its regulations governing the “Conduct and Safety of the Public in the Use of NJ Transit Equipment and Facilities,” wherein it is promulgated:

From time to time, NJ TRANSIT receives requests from members of the public for permission to exercise their constitutional rights of expression at such stations and terminals.  NJ TRANSIT, through this chapter, informs and instructs the public how it can exercise its rights on or about NJ TRANSIT facilities and the procedures to be followed in exercising such rights.  (16:83-1.1 Purpose; scope)

Indeed, to restrict state-owned facilities for use in promoting a single political viewpoint would violate federal and state constitutional protections against discrimination.
As it happens, our Club wishes to bring forth an alternative viewpoint to that which has already been approved, displayed, and promoted by the artists of the mural and by NJ Transit.
Please let us know, therefore, how we can work with NJ Transit to secure the appropriate permissions and/or permits to commission and display a mural of similar size, scope, and prominence as the existing mural.
Thanking you for your attention to this matter, I am
Sincerely yours
John Van Wagner, PresidentMontclair Republican Club


This year the Montclair Republicans fielded its largest contingent yet in the township’s 4th of July parade. Every year we grow in numbers, diversity, passion…and visibility!

An Evening With Montclair Town Councillor Hurlock

Bill Hurlock

William Hurlock, Esq.  Montclair’s 1st Ward Councillor

Bill Hurlock made history in 2012, becoming the sole Republican on Montclair’s Town Council.

Bill showed that it CAN be done, long before the events of 2016.
During his seven years on the council, Bill has demonstrated how deficits can be cut, infrastructure replenished, and civility restored, in an adversarial, and sometimes toxic political environment. No one has better insight into the challenges ahead for us as conservative citizens in Montclair than Bill Hurlock. Let’s find out how we can best help him drive our town’s future prosperity.
Use the LINKS below for this sociable dinner meeting at Greek Taverna on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 7 pm. Youth rate available.
John Van Wagner, President
Montclair Republican Club